Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun at home

Lately Katherine has wanted to carry her baby dolls everywhere she goes. It is so cute when she kisses them.

We've had a couple of warm days this past month. It has been great to finally get outside!

Here are some pics from around the house. Such a cutie pie!

Beep Beep

Vanessa gave Katherine this car for her birthday, and she absolutely LOVES it! Everytime she sees it she gets all excited and says "Go Go Go!"

Katherine also loves squirrels. Yes, it sounds strange. But we have tons in our yard here in Richmond. Katherine likes to watch them from the window. Here are some pictures of her with her stuffed animal squirrel. (Ok, so it may actually be a stuffed animal chipmunk. Close enough, right?) Thank you Pappy for Katherine's squirrel!


These are old (March 1), but I had to post them! The snow was beautiful.